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Rebelbean dating in Rwanda Huye Mountain

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Exceptional vintage and freshly roasted Rwanda Huye Mountain coffee from the Brno roasters Rebelbean. Transparent origin. Current harvest. Always freshly roasted.

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And what does Rebelbean say about coffee?

"Rwanda and honey processing? Until recently, a utopian idea, but now a worthwhile reality! We chose Rwandan red bourbon, which was processed using honey at the private processing station Huye Mountain.

The owner of the station is local David Rubanzangabo, who buys fully ripe and healthy coffee cherries from up to a thousand small farmers in the Huye area at premium prices. It also contributes financially to supporting local farmers in access to quality health care, small loans, eco-innovation and education.

After arriving at the station, the cherries are free of defects (floaters) in the water reservoirs, then they are mechanically stripped of the skin, but most of the flesh ( honey method ) is left, in which the coffee beans are dried on African beds for 25 days.

Producer: Huye Mountain Station
Area: Huye District, South Rwanda
Variety: Red Bourbon
Processing: Honey
Elevation : 1600-2300 m
Importer : Falcon Specialty Coffees
Cupping. score : 86


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