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Rebelbean, Costarica El Perezoso 250g

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Exceptional selection and freshly roasted Costarica El Perezoso coffee from the Brno roasters Rebelbean . Transparent origin. Current harvest. Always freshly roasted.

Taste: rosehip tea - dried figs

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El Perezoso, or Sloth, is the name of several microlots from Coopro Naranjo, a Costa Rican co-operative purchased and imported by Falcon Specialty Green Coffee. This cooperative has nearly 2,000 members, who offer not only the purchase of coffee for the commodity market, but also the possibility of higher earnings for coffee of better quality (correct maturity and good sorting of cherries). Such coffee is then processed in the station by a washed, honey or dry method. Since it would be a shame to try just one of the coffee processing, at Rebelbean they decided to take all three of them to the menu! The second is a microlot processed by the honey method , whose cherries were dried by continuous rotation for 10-12 days on African beds.

The project El Perezoso is our heart, because it was thanks to the competition with this coffee that we were able to visit Costa Rica last year.

Processing instructions: Coopro Naranjo
Area: West Valley
Harvested: December '18 - February '19
Variety: mix of varieties
Processing: Honey
Alt. altitude: 1500 m


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