Rebelbean Brazil Rancho Grande, 250 g

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Selected and freshly roasted coffee from the Rebelbean roastery in Brno.

Flavour: Bitter Chocolate - Yellow Apple - DATLE

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A lot of people perceive Brazilian coffee as ordinary, "just normal coffee". This is probably due to its great availability and widespread use, but also to its taste profile, which is simple, sweet and close to the general idea of what coffee "should" taste like.

However, there is something unusual and interesting about this coffee - the way it is dried. The drying of the cherries takes place in 'static boxes', 15 000 litre deep tanks. The bottom of the boxes is ventilated to allow enough air to reach the cherries. At first the air temperature is low to slow down fermentation, but it gradually increases and the whole drying process takes 7-10 days. Thermometers are placed in the boxes to prevent the temperature rising above 40 degrees, which would have a negative effect on the resulting taste. Interestingly, the cherries are not stirred at all during this drying process. This method makes the resulting coffees fruitier and sweeter.

This is the first time we have had the Acaia variety in our production. It is mainly grown in Brazil and its origins (like Mundo Novo) are a cross between Typica and Bourbon.


Region: Tres Pontas, Sul De Minas

Variety: Acaia

Processing: Natural

Altitude: 970 m above sea level.

Falcon Specialty Coffees (UK)

Roasting: omni roast - suitable for all preparation methods

Flavour profile: dark chocolate, yellow apple, dates

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