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Taste the great coffee of Ethiopia Nano Challa from the Liberec roastery of the select coffee Jedno Kafe .


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Jedno Kafe

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Beautifully fresh Ethiopia that will pleasantly surprise you with its lightness and no less sweetness ! In the taste you will find strong tones of peaches, fresh orange and a pleasant sweetness of honey.

Nano Challa was founded in 2004 by 25 farm members from Agaro in the Jimma, Oromia, West Ethiopia zone. The founding members formed a group to promote unity and to be able to help solve the problems they faced in finding good buyers for their coffee. The name Nano Challa in Oromifa means "area above", which is a reference to their first-class coffee grower at high altitudes, benefiting from beautiful natural forests and rich organic soils. Nano Chally's assets were strengthened in 2010 when they were selected as part of the Technoserve Coffee Initiative, along with other remote farming communities in Jimma, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Technoserve provided technical assistance and training to producer groups and helped coordinate agronomists and sales consultants to help improve coffee quality. The impact of this initiative has been enormous, as it has helped cooperatives like Nano Challa to move from natural cherry processing to wet processing by building washing stations. In fact, Nano Challa was one of the first washing stations to be built in the area under Technoserve, along with Yukro and Duromina. Since 2010, the number of Nano Challa members has grown to more than 400, and thanks to the quality improvements launched with Technoserve, the cooperatives' coffees have become one of the best and most sought after in the country. This has led to a radical improvement in the livelihoods of farmers and their families in the region. Farmers grow coffee at altitudes between 1850 and 2100 meters, and each has an average of about 3 hectares of land.

As is the case throughout Ethiopia, most coffees grown on site are organic by default and consist mostly of old, naturally native heritage varieties.

Processing: washed

Cupping score: 87.25

Variety: Heirloom

Altitude: 2040 m

Location: Agaro, Jimma

Cooperative: Nano Challa

Taste profile: peaches - oranges - honey

Certification: organic

We roast coffee primarily on a filter, but it also works as a light and very fruity espresso.

Jedno Kafe

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