Nordbeans Kenya Muhathi AB 250g

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Taste the great Kenya Muhathi AB coffee from the Czech roastery Nordbeans.


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Unlike most Kenyan production, this coffee comes from only one farm. It is run by Mr. Peris Wambui and we are honored to present this rarity.

Taste the hot newness of a fresh harvest from Kenya. This coffee comes from Muhathi Estate Farm, run by Peris Wambui Karungondo. Interestingly, unlike most Kenyan produce that is produced by large cooperatives of hundreds of farmers, this coffee can actually be traced back to one small farm. Muhathi is located in the Kiambu region, which is renowned for its microclimate that is conducive to the production of fine coffee. Even though Muhathi is one of the small estates, Peris ensures complete processing on the farm. As a result, he produces excellent coffees, including our lot. The typical character of citrus, currant and sweet iced tea ensures plenty of fun in the cup for the season ahead

Type: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11

Process: washed

Origin: Muhathi Estate, Altitude: 1700 m above sea level.


Use: filter coffee

Flavour: FISH - HEAT - ICE TEA


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100% Arabica

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