Nordbeans Guatemala WHITE FLAG 200g

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Taste the extraordinary Guatemala WHITE FLAG coffee from the Czech roastery Nordbeans , who really care about the quality of the coffee. By purchasing this coffee, you will help the people of Guatemala , specifically those most affected by the COVID-19 crisis.


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The situation associated with the COVID-19 crisis has resulted in an existential crisis for the majority of the population of this Central American country. Fear of an uncertain future has driven entire families to the streets, where they walk with white flags representing hunger and despair . But our friends Markos and Teo decided to break this symbol and turn it into a sign of solidarity and help .

Markos is an importer of green coffee and Teo is an excellent example of a modern farmer. His farm La Bella has been passed down from father to son for 4 generations . By joining forces, they created a coffee called the White Flag Coffee Community Blend , which they offered to European roasters, including Nordbeans. These are washed-processed varieties Castillo and Catimor from Teo's organic farm.

All proceeds from their sale are immediately sent to the most affected people in Guatemala - for food, medical and hygiene needs . As Theodoro says, "As long as you have friends, they are never lost."

Taste: Hazelnuts - Cocoa - Green tea

Species: Arabica (Caturra, Catimor)

Process: Washed

Origin: Sierra De Las Minas

Altitude: 1450–1650 m above sea level

Partner: Los Amigos

Use: Moka teapot, French press, espresso


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