Mamacoffee BIO Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Koke 100g

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Taste the great Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Koke BIO coffee from Mamacoffee.


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One of the world's most desirable and popular coffees is our new Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Koke BIO. A beautifully refined, fruity coffee with bright notes of blueberries, caramel and bergamot, an intoxicatingly sweet aroma and lively acidity.

The coffee comes from the famous Koke region in southern Ethiopia, which Mamacoffee founders Marta and Daniel Kolsky first visited during their honeymoon in 2007. They met local small-scale farmers, visited their family farms and gardens where the coffee trees thrive in the shade of the mature trees. Each family here owns a similar piece of land, which they farm themselves until the coffee cherries ripen. The coffee is then harvested and taken to a nearby processing plant (called a washing station) where the coffee is washed and dried directly in the sun.

We have visited the Koke area and the local farmers many times since 2007. We have worked with People in Need on the construction of a primary school here. We have fallen in love with the area and we hope you will too!

The freshly roasted and ground coffee beans do best at AeroPress and Drip. Other alternative preparations are also suitable.

Country of origin.


Altitude: 1 750 - 2 300 m above sea level.

Variety: indigenous varieties

Harvesting: by hand

Processing: washed

Roasting grade: light

Flavour profile: blueberries, blackberries, bergamot

Aftertaste: caramel

Aroma: fruity, blueberry, sweet

Body: light

Acidity: lively, fruity, high

Certification: BIO - certificate CZ-BIO-002

Organic certification: CZ-BIO-002

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