Mamacoffee Ethiopia Guji Ana Sora 100g

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Thenew coffee from Ethiopia will delight all lovers of fruity coffees and filters! The irresistible combination of sweet mandarin, cocoa and nougat will simply enchant you.

Taste: sweet tangerine - sweet cocoa - nougat

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What does mamacoffee roastery say about coffee?

The Ana Sora farm and processing plant, which was founded in 2013, is world famous for producing fabulous coffee. We've confirmed this too - our previous Ethiopia washed coffee, also came from this processing plant and we've garnered nothing but positive feedback on it. No wonder, as the Guji region has great conditions for coffee trees to grow due to its high altitude. Due to the lower temperatures, the coffee cherries take longer to ripen, which is reflected in the final coffee profile, which is typical of Ethiopia. Our new dry-processed coffee is slightly less vibrant than its predecessor, but boasts a more complex and sweeter flavour with a round body. The light roasting gives a great highlight to the sweet mandarin and cocoa. So don't hesitate to compare the difference between washed and natural coffee on your own taste buds. We enjoy both!

Recommended preparation. Thanks to its medium acidity, complex flavour and round body, it can be enjoyed for example on a V60 or in a Chemex.

Country of origin.

Region: Guji, Yirba Bulleye district

Producers: Ana Sora washing station

Altitude: 1 900 - 2 350 m above sea level.

Variety: indigenous Ethiopian varieties

Processing: natural

Roasting grade: light

Aroma : sweet tangerine, sweet cocoa

Flavour: sweet tangerine, sweet cocoa, nougat

Aftertaste: sweet tangerine, cocoa

Acidity: fruity, medium

Body: round

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