Trung Nguyen CREATIVE 8 (Cigarette Coffee)

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The highest range of Trung Nguyen coffee! Enzymatic artificial simulation of Cibet's coffee , identical to true Kopi Luwak, but without animal suffering ! Very sweet to chocolate flavor.

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Trung Nguyen

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Coffee roasted every week

Taste : very sweet to chocolate, similar to Cibet's coffee
Country of origin: Buon Me Thuot, Viet Nam
Type: Arabica, Excelsa
Content: 250g, ground

Enzymatic Simulation of Cigarette Coffee (vegan)

Coffee Kopi Luwak is created through the Cibetka beast . This method is today regarded by many people not only as disgusting (roasting in essence), but also unethical. That's why a cheaper variant has also been made, where Cibet's gastric enzymes are produced synthetically, and coffee does not come into contact with the animal .

The result is very impressive and almost indistinguishable from the right one . Thanks to ethical production, we can call it as a cibet vegan coffee .

This process gives the Legende coffee a very sweet flavor , so even those who are accustomed to harmonize will probably not harmonize it. Cibetka coffee is very appreciated , but we also bring it thanks to this technology at a low price!

Coffee Trung Nguyen is different

The Trung Nguyen Coffee is very different from the traditional coffee that we know, which will surely surprise you. Generally they have a finely earthy taste with a sweet chocolate flavor. In Vietnam , they are fed with condensed milk , sugar and icy chips , creating a cooling drink completely addictive . Coffee has traditionally been prepared using a Phin Filter , but it can be used in the European version as well as French press.

Why is coffee ground ?

If this question also raises you, believe it has reason. Coffee is ground directly in Vietnam with traditional technology, giving it a specific flavor and ideal roughness for preparation in the Phin Filter . Although it is against classical gourmet coats, coffee retains its specific aroma in vacuum packs .

For more about preparing Vietnamese coffee, please visit our Coffee Preparation section - Vietnamese Coffee .

Trung Nguyen
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Trung Nguyen Coffee Creative 8 250 g
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100% Arabica

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