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El Paraíso is a village in the district of Huabal in the Cajamarca region. The centre of the village is situated on top of a small mountain at 2000 m above sea level, where there are magnificent views in all directions and this is certainly where the name of the village comes from, which translates as "paradise".

The local producers grow mainly Caturra, Bourbon and Catimor varieties, which they blend together. The coffee farms are spread around the centre of the village at an altitude of 1850 - 2050 m above sea level.

The producers of El Paraíso have amazing coffee and huge potential, but very difficult conditions. For many years they have been selling their coffee through so-called "middlemen" at very low prices. The Catimor coffee variety, which is highly promoted here by the government and multinational buyers, is adapted to lower altitudes and often produces only leaves on local farms. Farmers are poorly informed about farm management, plant pruning and the use of chemical fertilisers and herbicides.

Falcon Coffees staff have been working in northern Peru for several years and are doing a very good job. They are trying to correct all the mistakes, improve the quality of the coffee and increase the financial valuation of the farmers. They have set up their own coffee warehouse in Jaén so they can buy coffee directly from the producers. This is the only way that the premium for higher quality coffee will come directly to them.

Because Huabal covers several mountain ranges, the climatic conditions here are very diverse. Some areas have a humid climate with red 'African' soil, others are dry and hot. This is one of the reasons why the coffees from this area are very varied and complex in taste.

Country: Peru

Region: Cajamarca, Jaén, Huabal

Farm: El Paraíso

Altitude: 1850 - 2050 m above sea level.

Variety: mix of varieties

Processing: washed

Flavour profile: Fruity tea, cane sugar, nutmeg, buttery aftertaste

Father's Coffee Roastery
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100% Arabica

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