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Dos Mundos Kenya Kamwangi 250g

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Taste the extraordinary coffee of Kenya Kamwangi from the Czech roastery Dos Mundos , who really care about the quality of coffee. Taste: MANGO - KUMQUAT - VANILLA

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The Kamwangi washing station is affiliated with Ngairiama FCS, which works with more than a thousand farm owners, which the association supports in educating and improving the quality of their coffee. Hand-picked cherries are brought to a washing station, where they are subjected to double fermentation after purification. After fermentation, the washed grains are dried in a thin layer on raised beds for up to 10 days. Thanks to the double fermentation process, this coffee is very fruity with tones of citrus and tropical fruits .

Preparation: ideal for filtered coffee and as a more fruity espresso

Area: Kirinyaga

Farm: Kamwangi

Variety: 100% arabica SL28 and SL34

Coffee processing: washed

Altitude: 1600 - 1800 m above sea level

Taste profile: mango, kumquat, vanilla

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100% Arabica