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Coffee India: Cherry, 100% Robusta

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Cherry is a high-quality, strong and intense Robusta with a slightly chocolate flavor, a higher bitterness typical of Robust, and a higher caffeine content up to twice as high as Arabic.

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The second most widely used coffee machine is the Coffee Arabica or Robusta . Robusta is popular among coffee lovers because of the high caffeine content. Coffee made from Robusta will definitely get rid of fatigue, containing up to two more caffeine than Arabica . Another great advantage of Robusta is her beautiful cream, which is darker and beautifully tall. Robusta is very often used in blends and Arabia. Arabica delivers flavor and aroma and Robusta delivers the required strength, crema and high caffeine content. By a good ratio you will get a really great result. It is now possible to find the Robust of different qualities on the market today, from those who are badly bad to those who compare with the best Arabs. One of the best robusts that can get you is India Cherry.

Origin of coffee : Robusta enjoys warmth and dampness for its growth, and that is exactly the same as 100% for India, which is the world's largest producer of Vietnam, Brazil and Indonesia. Our robusta comes from India from Karnataka. Here coffee grows especially in mountain areas. For the Indian robust is also unique grain processing using the so-called moonsoning method. After the harvest, the coffee is exposed to cold wind and monsoon rains, which have a real strength in India for several weeks, giving it a very specific taste for which many are sought after.

Taste : Robusta is simply stronger than Arabica and is also bitter. It's a strong coffee with a beautiful high cream. Under the typical whistling, you will eventually discover chocolate tones. Cherry is not acidic, has medium to low acidity. This is a strong, intense coffee that you can appreciate especially when you really need to encourage. Caffeine content is in one cup around 250mg, while Arabica has a lower content of about 120mg.

Composition: 100% Robusta ( For more information about robustly click )
Rinse degree: City +

For more about preparing Espresso coffee, please visit our Coffee Espresso section .

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Gourmet Káva Indie Cherry, zrnková, 250 g
Gourmet Káva Indie Cherry, zrnková, 250 g
Gourmet Káva Indie Cherry, zrnková, 250 g
Káva Indie Cherry, zrnková, 250 g
100% Robusta

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