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Charity jute coffee bag

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Buying a jute bag from the Nordbeans roastery helps.

70x90 cm

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Coffee roasted every week

It's not in the bag! Help buy sacks socially weaker.

Buy a large stylish jute bag from coffee and we will contribute for those who need it.

Who can you help?

Domovinka - social services, ops

Hospital staff volunteer 24 hours a day to minimize the possibility of infection from outside. Everyone devoted their personal comforts and their time. It's time to thank them for that. More info.

Like at home - Homelike, ops

Homeless women are more vulnerable than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. They lost their brigades, closed some hostels and dormitories (and current humanitarian accommodation facilities are far from covering demand) and do not have sufficient hygiene conditions to protect them from infection. More info.

What can you make from a bag?

It is a nice decoration in itself, but try to search the internet and you will definitely find a lot of tips, for example on the packaging of flower pots, notice boards, bags, ...

The motifs on the individual bags may vary.

Of course, you can contribute by buying more bags or paying for more and writing in the note when ordering how many you really want to send.