Cascara Colombia, coffee tea, 100g

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Cascara is a fruit tea made from the dried skins of coffee cherries . According to available sources, such " coffee tea " is the oldest coffee drink in history that began to be prepared from the fruits of the coffee tree.

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This time you can enjoy a delicious refreshing drink from dried coffee cherries carefully grown in Colombia - Cauca. 

Cascara (Spanish husk) is a fruit tea made from dried husks of coffee cherries. According to available sources, such " coffee tea " is the oldest coffee drink in history that began to be prepared from the fruits of the coffee tree. It was cooked in Yemen as early as the 9th century under the name Keshir (qishr). Coffee beans, as we know them here, are roasted seeds peeled from coffee cherries that ripen on coffee trees. On farms, skins with remnants of adhered fruit pulp are used as a natural fertilizer. After drying, they smell like sweet raisins and the drink from them is most similar in taste to rosehip tea.

Preparation process:
1. Pour 25 - 750 ml of boiling water over 25 g of cascara and let it infuse for 6 - 8 minutes.
2. We then drain.

Our tip:
Taste iced coffee tea! Place twice the amount of cascara in combination with cold water in the refrigerator for 24 hours. We can sweeten this, already beautifully sweet drink with honey or a panel. It tastes very good in combination with citrus and fruit syrups.

Cascara in a 100 g package is processed by the "High Pressure Processing " technology, which means a post-packaging non-thermal pasteurization method of food processing that uses high hydrostatic pressure (from 87,000 psi - 6,000 bar). This pressure inactivates pathogens in food, prolongs storage time and reduces or even eliminates the use of preservatives.

Features and benefits:

• Safer food - HPP inactivates harmful microbiological activity in food without damaging vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants and other bioactive substances. The technology also eliminates the risk of food contamination.

• Fresher and tastier products - foods retain freshness, taste, color and appearance.

• Environmentally friendly - technology reduces or eliminates the use of preservatives in food. No chemicals are used in the processing, only water.

• Less waste - HPP extends product life, ensuring quality and freshness until the end of the life cycle. For some products, we can achieve up to 90% less waste with this technology!

Processing process:

The product is placed in an HPP container located in an aqueous environment. The water is compressed to create an instantaneous hydrostatic pressure that exerts the same force on all parts of the product. Flexible packaging transfers pressure from the container to the product while still protecting it from with water.

Approximate content of caffeine in coffee drinks:
Cascara 110 - 130 mg / l
Commonly prepared coffee 300 - 500 mg / l
Espresso 30 - 50 mg / serving

Store in a dry place and at room temperature.

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