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MEDIUM ROASTED Brazil Santos coffee, which is the world's most famous and popular coffee beans from Brazil, the world's first coffee beans.

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Coffee roasting is real alchemy, which in turn affects the taste of coffee . In general, we play with two basic characteristics of coffee, and these are acidity and bitterness . In simple terms, the more coffee we make, the more we suppress its natural acidity and highlight its bitterness. In the world, for example, the Italians are known to have their coffee roasting in a very dark color, on the contrary, residents of the Nordic countries prefer to enjoy coffee in a very bright color.

Brazilian Santos's medium-roasted coffee is distinguished by its natural acidity and full body. All our other 100% Arabica are roasted to a darker level.

Brazil is currently its plantation area of about 2.3 million hectares the largest producer of Arabica coffee species in the world. It is mainly due to the fact that its area is spread over three climatic zones (equatorial, subtropical and mild) and therefore has ideal conditions for growing coffee. Most, about two-thirds of total production, comes from small coffee growers. Thanks to its area, Brazil produces a large number of coffee types, but we can still say one species as the most popular and the best. It is Brazil Santos . The pride of Santos has been given this coffee by the port of Santos, which takes you from São Paulo and from which it is exported to the world.

Origin of coffee : In the São Paulo region, located in southeastern Brazil, coffee is the main agricultural crop for the locals, giving it the utmost care and effort. Arab Arabic (Coffee Arabica) is grown at lower altitudes (800-1000 meters above sea level), which is why it is characterized by lower acidity.

Taste : Brazil Santos is famous for its lower acidity and full body. The chocolate and hazelnut tones blend in coffee with fine fruity tones. The taste is delicate. The aroma is pleasant without a trace of bitterness.

This type of coffee is really a classic, which no one will ever do. Ideal for everyday enjoyment of delicious coffee.

Processing : wet

Variety : Bourbon

Composition : 100% Arabica
Roasting: Cinnamon (1st crack starts)

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Gourmet Káva Brazílie Santos, zrnková, 250 g - středně pražená
Gourmet Káva Brazílie Santos, zrnková, 250 g - středně pražená
Gourmet Káva Brazílie Santos, zrnková, 250 g - středně pražená
100% Arabica

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