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Beansmiths Rosalba Bados Castilla Colombia
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Beansmiths Rosalba Bados Castilla Colombia

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Beansmiths is a Czech roaster of selected coffee. Fine coffee is always grown in mountainous environments , where lower and more stable temperatures prevail and coffee can mature more slowly and acquire all its taste properties .

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The Buena Vista farm , from which this harvest comes, lies at an ideal altitude of 1800 meters above sea level. It is located in the famous Nariño area on the southern outskirts of Colombia. It is a small farm with a total area of only 2.5 hectares. The owner of the farm, Mrs. Rosalba, is unusually careful and closely monitors to ensure that the product of her farm is of the highest quality. The membership of the farm in the COOMERCIACAFE cooperative also helps with this .

Rosalba collects coffee cherries by hand on his farm, of course, and after picking them, he peels them in a classic drum peeler. Then the peeled cherries ferment in water according to temperature and humidity for about 18 - 20 hours. Then the coffee is washed with clean water and begins to dry. The drying itself takes place in a thin layer for about 8 days until the resulting moisture content of "parchment" coffee is 12%. The coffee then rests on the farm for 10 days before being transported to a cooperative, where it is prepared for export and sale.

The Nariňo area, where this farm is located, is, despite its very high location, excellent for growing coffee. There is still plenty of sunshine and frequent rains, both necessary for growing coffee of the highest quality. The local farms are protected from cold nights by a special microclimate , which is formed by the morphology of mountains and valleys, from which warm air rises at night.

Package size: 333 g
Variety: Colombia
Farm / washing station: Rosalba Bados Castillo
Altitude: 1 800 m
Area: Nariño Department
Processing method: Washed
Cupping score: 87.5
Recommended preparation: Espresso
Taste profile: tangerine, chamomile, black tea
Acidity: medium acidity


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