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Beansmiths Nicaragua Finca Koa, 250g

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Taste great coffee from the Beansmiths premium coffee roaster.


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Kleymer Jose Ortez Agurcia owns the Koa farm and works with his father Jose Angel Ortez, who is the farm's main manager. The Ortez family grows the Caturra, maracaturra, Catuaí Amarillo and villalobo varieties, and various methods are used to process the grains: washed, honey and natural. The farm has existed since 2001 and Kleymer bought it in 2016, the family worked hard to grow selected coffee. In 2020, much of the farm ranked 13th in the Cup Of Excellence . This lot is washed by Caturra. Once the cherries are harvested, the grains are stripped of the flesh on the farm and taken with parchment to Cafetos de Segovia where they are washed and cleaned of parchment. Cafetos de Segovia is a drying mill located in Ocotal and surrounded by coffee plantations, which makes it easier for producers to deliver grains on the same day as they are harvested and processed. Drying usually begins on the terrace, in the shade for 5-6 days and then in the sun. All terraces are covered with a black net, so the coffee is not laid directly on the floor. Drying in the shade is necessary because the sun falls hard at this lower altitude (less than 900 m above sea level). The grains are inverted every 3-4 hours. Every year, Cafetos de Segovia submits lots to the National Cup of Excellence and always holds a high rating .

Black tea with peaches appears in the cup immediately after drinking and then it gently changes into the taste of macadamia nuts with a slight hint of caramel.

Country: Nicaragua

Farm / washing station: Koa

Recommended preparation: Filter

Variety: Caturra

Processing method: Washed

Altitude: 1 300 -1 760 m

Area: Nueva Segovia

Acidity: Low acidity

Cupping score: 86

Taste profile: Earl Gray, peaches, macadams, caramel


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