Beansmiths Honduras Norma Iris Fiallos, 250g

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Norma Iris Fiallos is the owner of the San Rafael farm in the northwestern part of Honduras, Los Limos. Norma is one of the most innovative producers in the area. She owns extensive coffee fields with many different types of Arabica. The farm is located in a pine forest which significantly acidifies the soil, giving the coffees unique flavor profiles. The coffee grows in the shade all the time and is thus only found on a fraction of the farmer's land.

Producers here receive 70 eny per micro lot right out of pocket. All the production goes to the Aruco mill where it is collected and they have perfect control over the entire processing. This allows them to process consistently and also reduces the farmer's risk. The wet mill is located at 800m above sea level, which makes the drying process more stable than it would be on a much higher altitude farm. The beans are cleaned, rinsed and sorted of all immature and overripe pieces. Our lot of the Maragogype variety was peeled and then fermented overnight before being washed and stripped of all pulp. The coffee was then dried on African beds for 20-30 days based on the weather, which here varies from hour to hour.

You can find flavors of rose, chocolate truffles and dried figs in the coffee.

Country: Honduras

Norma Iris Fiallos

Variety: Marigogype

Processing method: Washed

Altitude: 1200 m

Area: Corquin, Copan

Acidity: Low acidity

Cupping score: 86

Recommended Preparation: Filter

Flavor profile: rose, chocolate praline, dried fig


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