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Beansmiths Brazil Cascavel Verde, 250g

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The rattlesnake , known in Portuguese as Cascavel, has a relatively poor reputation. His reactive tendency to defend himself against all perceived threats makes him a terrifying adversary.

However, it is essential for maintaining the coffee ecosystem . In addition to beautiful markings, rattlesnakes eat rodents and other small animals. They keep these pests away from coffee fields, where they could cause confusion by digging into the root systems of the coffee tree or chewing irrigation equipment.

That's why this coffee is named Cascavel Verde (green, in Portuguese).

Cascavel Verde is a classic, fruity Brazil with a mango flavor and a hint of chocolate . Sweet cashew nuts then appear in the aftertaste.

Delivered through Sucafina Specialty's vertically integrated supply chain, this coffee offers sustainable and consistent, high-quality coffees .

Their experienced QC teams specially select each coffee that comes into this high-quality Cascavel blend. They focus on obtaining whole harvests, the resilience of producers and the success of roasting.

It is great for making espresso and in combination with milk it is pleasantly sweet .

Country: Brazil

Farm / washing station: 84 SCA cup Cascavel supply chain

Taste profile: mango, chocolate, cashew nuts

Recommended preparation: Espresso

Variety: NY2 Scr. 16+

Processing method: Pulped Natural

Altitude: 800 - 1110 m

Area: Brazil - Various

Acidity: Low acidity

Cupping score: 85.5


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