KeepCup Original Natural 340ml

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Stylish and environmentally friendly KeepCup Original Natural mug for lovers of "coffee with you." Volume 340ml .

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Do you like to jump into your favorite coffee café along the way to work? Forget the paper cups . KeepCup meeting barista standard is better in all respects. The KeepCup mug was created with a clear goal. Replace tons of disposable paper cups produced by sipping your favorite drinks to contribute to a better environment.

The KeepCup Mug is made of non-toxic and recyclable BPA free materials and you can safely wash it in a dishwasher or heat it in a microwave oven (without a lid). At KeepCup, however, you will appreciate the fact that it fits into the head of most of the presses and makes it easy for you to make coffee in your favorite café .

A warm beverage will keep you in the KeepCup about 30 minutes longer than a regular mug. Thanks to the silicone ring, there is no risk of burning your mug. The lid keeps hold of the lid and the cap can be snapped so that it does not interfere with sipping coffee.

KeepCup seals very well, but not 100% tight , so we do not recommend a complete burying of the handbag when we start bus :-)

It fits well into either a bicycle holder or a car. His lovely design is just such a cherry on the cake.

Volume: 340 ml

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