Moccamaster KBGT-741 Technivorm stainless steel

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The legendary home coffee machine Technivorm Moccamaster KBGT-741 meets the standards of international coffee institutions SCAA, SCAE and ECBC. Suitablefor brewing up to 1.25l of perfect filter coffee.

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If you love filtered coffee and want to get the best home drip coffee maker, bet on the Moccamaster coffee machines from the Dutch brand Technivorm. They are one of the few home coffee machines that meet the strict standards of the international coffee institutions SCAA, SCAE and ECBC.

Founder Gerald Clement Smith's philosophy was to create a high quality coffee machine that simply makes the best coffee. Today, after more than 50 years of experience, the Moccamaster range produces coffee to Gold Cup standard.
The problem with most available drip machines is that they cannot maintain a constant temperature of 92-96°Cthroughout the extraction process. The resulting coffee is then almost tasteless, with no distinctive body and no aroma. A freshly ground selection of coffee deserves a completely different kind of attention.

Technivorm Moccamaster KBGT-741 is the result of several decades of experience. It is a simple yet magnificent coffee machine. Thanks to its powerful copper heating element (1520W), the Moccamaster can bring water to the boil in seconds and conjure up up to 1.25l of perfect filter coffee in 6 minutes. The coffee has an exceptional taste, full body and rich aroma.

An absolutely essential feature of this coffee machine is its ability to maintain a constant temperature of 92-96°C throughout the extraction process. Even pouring of the coffee is ensured by a special 9-hole head. Compared to the Moccamaster KBG-741, this model is equipped with a 1.25l stainless steel thermo container, which keeps the coffee hot longer. You don't even have to worry about the complexity of the whole device. The coffee maker has only one button to turn off and on and has automatic shut-off and drip-stop functions.

Moccamaster coffee machines are handmade in Holland and there is a great emphasis on quality and origin of materials. Thanks to truly honest workmanship, these coffee machines come with a standard 5 year warranty.

The correct ratio for making filter coffee in a Moccamaster is 60g of coffee to 1l of water. We always recommend using freshly roasted and ground coffee just before preparation. This is the only way to achieve the best result.

Colour: silver
Power: 1520W
Dimensions: 41x17x17 cm
Manufacturer: Technivorm
Material: stainless steel
Recommended preparation:
60g / 1l

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Technivorm Moccamaster KBT 741

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