Bonavita BV 1500TS Coffee Maker

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The coffee maker Bonavita BV 1500TS will prepare up to 5 cups of perfect filtered coffee in 5 minutes .

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The Bonavita BV 1500TS coffee machine is a must for all coffees that love the taste of fresh filtered coffee and want to make it as simple as possible. The Bonavita dripper is really simple , but beauty is simple and double.

For filtered coffee, it is necessary to monitor the water temperature of the coffee, the extraction time and the water flow . None of that is neglected in the Bonavita coffee machine.

Thanks to its perfect heater, the coffee machine is able to heat the water to the desired optimal temperature of 91-96 degrees and maintains this temperature throughout the extraction . This makes sure you get the best results. The coffee is filtered into a double-walled stainless steel kettle that keeps you warm for several hours . In the morning, press one button to prepare up to 5 cups of coffee, which can be enjoyed during the day.

An important element is a conical filter and a broad head that filters the coffee in the filter. Thanks to these two elements, optimal watering and subsequent extraction takes place. You can also take advantage of the ability to burn coffee before filtering itself to degrade.

The coffee preparation process is more than easy, just pour the required amount of water into the tray, insert a paper filter, and add freshly ground coffee. We always recommend using fresh coffee, preferably 14 days after baking. This is coffee in the best condition. Use about 10g of ground coffee for 1 cup . Then you press the button and the coffee is filtered by itself. Immediately after filtering, the coffee machine turns itself off .


  • simple single-button operation
  • powerful 1500W heater that heats water at 91-96 degrees and maintains this temperature for the entire filtration period
  • double-walled stainless steel kettle that maintains the temperature of the filtered coffee
  • the possibility of pre-spraying coffee before filtration itself ensures degassing
  • filter paper size 4 conical paper filters are required
  • length: 31cm, height: 26,9cm, width: 15,7cm
  • a special coffee pot that makes perfect extraction
  • suitable for up to 5 cups
  • volume 700ml
  • 5 Melitta size 4 and 1 drops of decalcifier are included
  • 5 cups are filtered in 5 minutes

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Bonavita BV 1500TS

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