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Rhinowares Mini Coffee Grinder

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The handmade Rhinowares coffee grinder with an Aeropress adapter is the perfect choice for discerning coffee lovers while on the road , while still at home.

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The handmade Rhinowares coffee grinder is currently one of the best handmade mills on the market. Enjoy the precision of its design, practicality and elegant design.

The mill will fall in love with everyone who has succumbed to the taste of coffee from Aeropress . The Rhinowares Mini grinder also has an adapter that makes the grinder fit perfectly into the Aeropress so you can direct coffee into the coffee maker. The combination of Rhinowares Mini and Aeropress is perfect for traveling .

Thanks to the body, which is completely made of stainless steel , the mill is incredibly durable and will not be intimidated. For this reason, it is the perfect choice for all travelers who want a grinder that is storageable, robust and perfectly sophisticated.
Rhinowares Mini grinding stones are made of ceramics and their conical shape and sharpness ensure clean, precise grinding , long service life and easy cleaning. Roughness is very easy to adjust for different types of coffee preparation.

The big advantage of the mill is a massive handle that fits perfectly into the hand and keeps the grinder well while milling.

The mill is easy to clean and prevents static electricity.

The practical addition to the mill is also a protective travel cover with a drawstring, which makes traveling with the mill even more enjoyable.

Material: stainless steel

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