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The Eureka Atom Specialty 75E is a commercial electric grinder from Eureka that combines new technologies, great design and comfort. Ideal for demanding barista and professional use in busy cafes and bars. Recommended for espresso.

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The Eureka Atom Specialty 75E is a quiet, powerful espresso grinder with a high grinding speed . It ranks among the most powerful coffee mills on the market, and thanks to its size it keeps its position among compact small grinders.

  • Silent Technology - very quiet grinder (difference up to 20 dB compared to conventional grinders)
  • The special grinding mechanism developed by the R&D department enables Eureka grinders to achieve extremely high grinding speeds
  • Quick maintenance - the grinding mechanism can be easily and quickly removed by removing only 9 screws
  • The patented stepless continuous micrometric grinding adjustment system guarantees high precision. System   Based on the positioning of the base stone, it guarantees unmatched grinding performance and allows maintenance to be carried out without losing the grinding coarseness setting
  • System ACE (Anti-Clumps and Electrostaticity) - grinding is very consistent , the system prevents the formation of lumps and static electricity
  • Universal adjustable hands-free lever holder (no need to hold it) for any type of lever
  • Blow Up System - zero retention mechanism (coffee remnants inside the machine) - pressing the lid creates an air stream to get all coffee bean residues from the grinding mechanism
  • Simple intuitive portion setting with only 5 buttons - one portion, two portions, or manual grinding and + and - buttons to change dosing times
  • Flat grinding stones , diameter 75 mm, hardened steel
  • performance:
    rpm: 1400
    800 watts
    4.5 - 5.5 g / s
  • Content of bean hopper: 1.4 Kg
  • Voltage: 240/50 Hz
  • Dimensions: height: 570 mm, width: 180 mm, depth: 227 mm
  • Body: Aluminum
  • Weight: 9.5 kg
  • Black colour
  • Made: Italy

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