Harmo Mini Mill Slim PRO Black (MMSP-1-B)

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Hario Mini Mill Slim Pro is the latest and greatest version of the popular Mini Mill grinder Slim, now in elegant black steel,   with an improved robust hexagonal handle.

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The Hario Mini Mill Slim PRO from the Japanese brand Hario is, like all Hario products, of high quality, precision-processed, simple yet highly elegant.

Thanks to its small size , low weight and sturdy construction, the Mini Mill Slim PRO is the ideal travel companion. The proven travel combination consists, for example, with >> Aeropress << or >> with a drip . <<

However, we do not want to send it only on the road, it is also suitable for everyday home use , where it also competes with more expensive electric grinders .

The milling mechanism of the grinder is made of ceramics and is easy to wash under a stream of water. Of course, the roughness of grinding is adjustable . Here the roughness is melted comfortably from the bottom of the grinding machine by rotating the nut either clockwise or counterclockwise.

The difference from the original version is mainly in a full-body solid body that enchants you with its sleek matte black color.   Another change is in the improved robust handle , unlike its predecessor, the Mini Slim PRO has a hexagon-shaped grinding handle , it is more durable and better transmits your power to the grinding stones, giving a more even grinding of coffee and a longer grinder life. You can also tell the difference in a silicone transparent lid that is surrounded by a protective black silicone and an easily separable ground coffee pot.

Capacity of the coffee bean container: about 24g
Height: approx. 18cm
Width: approx. 7cm
Loop length: approx. 13cm
Weight with loop: approx. 312g

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