Hario Clear MXR-2TB grinder

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The Hario Clear MXR-2TB manual coffee grinder with ceramic grinding stones, adjustable grinding coarseness and a practical suction cup at the bottom.

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The beautifully designed Hario Clear MXR-2TB grinder is a great tool for anyone who likes the combination of premium quality, practicality, and clean modern design. At first glance, the Hario Clear reminds us of a large cut emerald. It is made of solid, solid, transparent plastic. The drawer into which the ground coffee falls is fully transparent and holds up to 40g of coffee.

A purely practical feature of the grinder is the plastic lid, which prevents beans from flying out of the grinder when you grind. When grinding, you will also appreciate the fact that the grinder is equipped with a rubber suction cup at the bottom, which makes it easy to grip the grinder in a smooth surface and will hold it firmly while grinding.

Thegrinding mechanism of the Hario Clear MXR-2TB grinder is made of ceramic and is easily washable under a stream of water. Of course, the grinding coarseness is variable and can be easily adjusted by turning the gear under the handle.

Height: 17.5 cm
Width: 11 cm

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