1Zpresso Q2 grinder

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Perfectly processed hand grinder Q2 from the company 1Zpresso for alternative coffee preparations . The perfect travel companion made of quality materials. Precise and fine roughness adjustment in 30 steps.

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The functionality and workmanship of the Q2 grinder is truly recognizable as having been designed by engineers who are true coffee lovers. They did not neglect the slightest detail. What can you look forward to at the grinder?

Grinding system
The grinder is equipped with 38 mm pentagonal conical stones made of stainless steel and a double bearing (in the area of the crank connection and above the grinding stone), which ensures the stability of the stones and thus consistent grinding.

    Roughness setting
    The roughness is adjusted with a rotating disc under the grinding stone, which allows quick and easy adjustment . The scale is divided into 10 numbers, where each level has three more steps. Thus, the grinder completely offers a total of 30 settings, which are very finely graded , each step differs by 0.025 mm.

    Unscrewing the upper hopper and lower container allows quick access and easy cleaning of grinding stones. You won't even lose your roughness setting this way. The grinder can then be completely disassembled.

    The 1Zpresso grinder is made of high quality materials. The inner parts and the handle are made of stainless steel, the body of the grinder is made of aluminum alloy. In addition, the handle holder is made of elegant wood. The silicone treatment on the body does not allow the grinder to slide in the hand .

      Ground coffee container
      The container made of anodized aluminum has a capacity of 15-20 grams. It is screwed to the grinder with a precision thread. After tightening, the grinder looks like one piece.

        Use of the grinder:
        Mill finds application mainly in alternative preparations , such as aeropress, moka kettle, dripper, vacuum pot, chemex, frenchpress, cold brew.

          Compactness and dimensions
          The height of the grinder is 13.8 cm, diameter 4.6 cm and weight 385 grams. The compactness makes it a great travel grinder that fits nicely in the palm of your hand and you also put it in the Aeropress.

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