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1zpresso J-MAX grinder

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Perfectly processed hand grinder J-MAX from the company 1Zpresso with the highest grinding accuracy with an advantage for espresso. Quality materials, adjustment of grinding roughness in 90 steps.

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J-MAX is a hand coffee grinder from 1Zpresso , the perfect solution for experienced coffee lovers looking for an espresso grinder .

Grinding mechanism J-MAX is equipped with 48mm conical, titanium coated stainless steel stones with a double bearing - all this ensures accurate grinding and proper stabilization .

The roughness is adjusted by means of an external circular ring located at the top of the hopper, which allows quick and easy adjustment. The dial is divided into 9 numbers with additional points in between, making a total of 90 steps to full rotation. Each step differs by 8.8 microns (0,0088 mm).

The capacity of the ground coffee container is 35-40 grams , which allows you to grind the perfect amount of coffee for several people at once. It is easily attached with a magnet .

The body of the grinder is strong and made of high quality materials. The aluminum alloy body is elegant and durable .

The inner parts and the handle are made of stainless steel . In addition, the handle of the handle is made of elegant wood .

Its size makes it a great grinder for home use - its height is 18 cm, diameter 5.7 cm and weight 775 grams .

Application: thanks to the very fine grinding setting, 1zpresso J-MAX is especially recommended for espresso . The grinder is characterized by the highest accuracy among 1Zpresso grinders.

The grinder can be easily disassembled and cleaned

Package includes: cleaning brush and carrying case.


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