Tasting set Francois Pralus - bookcase, 120g

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Tasting set of one-area 75% Francois Pralus mini-chocolate from different parts of the world.

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An imaginative tasting set that at first glance resembles a tiny library. You will find 24 single-origin Francois Pralus mini-chocolates in it. In this tasting set you will enjoy the differences between the individual varieties of cocoa beans (Criollo, Trinitario and Forastero) and compare the taste of chocolates from 10 different regions of the world.

What tastes can you look forward to?

  • Papouasie Trinitario (Papua New Guinea): slightly sour chocolate rich in fruit tones.
  • Indonesia Criollo: chocolate rich in fruit tones with a rarely balanced combination of bitterness, sweetness and acidity. Interesting tones of immature pins and finely burnt caramel.
  • Sao Tomé Forastero (São Tomé and Príncipe): chocolate with a very full, robust taste. Rich in tropical fruit tones.
  • Trinidad Trinitario: pleasantly balanced chocolate with a varied spectrum of taste tones - such as green fruit and apples.
  • Vénézuela Trinitario: robust chocolate with strong acidity.
  • Tanzania Forastero: chocolate with a strong earthy bitterness.
  • Ghana Forastero Organic: chocolate with rich tones of tropical fruit.
  • Madagascar Criollo Bio: very fine chocolate with fruit tones of raspberries and red grapes.
  • Colombie Trinitario (Colombia): colorful chocolate. The smoky tones of tobacco alternate with the sweet tones of tropical fruits, grapes and nuts. Long, slightly caramel finish with mild acidity.
  • Equateur Arriba Bio (Ecuador): chocolate with a pleasant full bitterness with an inconspicuous fruity undertone and a strong fatness of cocoa butter.

During the tasting, we recommend opening the world atlas and traveling your finger on the map to the places where the chocolate was just tasted. :)

Exceptional quality of ingredients: Francois Pralus likes to travel and chooses cocoa beans from growers personally. To make chocolate, it uses only pure cocoa butter without any vegetable fats, and cane sugar instead of beet sugar. He never uses vanillin or artificial flavors. All products are 100% free of genetically modified organisms.

Weight & size: 120 g, 108 × 55 × 55 mm

Cocoa content: 75

Chocolate flavor: no flavor

Types of chocolate: dark (dark)

Health and diet info: without alcohol, without gluten, without soy, suitable for vegans / vegetarians

Origin of beans: Ecuador, Colombia, Trinidad, Venezuela, Ghana, Madagascar, São Tomé and Príncipe, Tanzania, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea

Bean variety: Criollo, Trinitario, Forastero, Arriba

Francois Pralus
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