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Coffee processing
Coffee processing

BeanSmith's / Kofárna

Czech roasters of selected coffee. They started roasting in 2014 in the former Central Bohemian village smithy, which was gradually rebuilt to its present form for roasting purposes. Motto: "Born in the mountains, hand-picked, roasted in the smithy".

The aim of the roaster is to create a high quality product roasted from fresh ingredients and to create only optimal stocks so that coffee can be consumed within a month of roasting. All coffees are packed at 333 g, larger packaging = less waste!

More about the products in this section.

Beansmiths Brazil Diamond, 250g

Taste great coffee from the Beansmiths premium coffee roaster.


In stock
Price €8.91

Taste great coffee from the Beansmiths premium coffee roaster. Taste: MILK CHOCOLATE - HAZELNUT

Once they started on the first electric roaster of domestic production, then roasted for more than two years on the roaster of the brand Garanti, which marked a huge shift in quality and ranking among the leading Czech roasters of premium coffee. Now, after years of experience and knowledge, we roast at the American roaster Loring, which is synonymous with expensive but precisely engineered and sophisticated technology. As a result, they are able to get the best out of every coffee and show their full quality.