Drip Pot Hario Woodneck Olive Wood for 2 cups

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Stylish Drip Pot Hario Woodneck Olive Wood DPW-1-OV for a clean and incredibly rich taste of filtered coffee in Latin American style. Volume 240ml .

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At the elegant Harri Woodneck Olive Wood DPW-01-OV Drip Pot , the Japanese company Hario inspired the traditional preparation of filtered coffee in Latin America . In Costa Rica, this method is called a chorreador and can never be without a wooden construction and a cotton filter.

A special cotton filter on a wooden holder is part of the Woodneck coffee machine and is an interesting alternative for those who do not like paper filters at dripper. The cotton filter can release more oil from the coffee than the paper, making coffee a more distinctive body . The fabric has much smaller holes than the paper, so the extraction is two minutes longer, but the result is definitely worth it! To ensure that the filter is well-served, ensure that it is always clean and damp . Simply immerse it in the water and put it in the fridge.

Woodneck is made of high quality heat - resistant glass in Hario quality, and as the name suggests, the "neck" of the coffee maker is complemented by a wooden corset tied with a leather . The handmade corset is made of quality light olive wood , making the whole coffee machine exceptionally luxurious .

The use of Hario Woodneck coffee machine is similar to classic dripper, except for a cotton filter and a beautiful stylish carafe that will surely find its use not only for coffee making.

For perfect watering, we also recommend Hario Buono kettle 1.2l . More about preparing filtered coffee can be found in our section Coffee Preparation - Filtered Coffee .

Material: glass, leather, olive wood
Volume: 240 ml (2 cups)

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