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Cafflano Kompresso

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Cafflano Compresso is a portable, compact, simple and at the same time lightest espresso machine for great coffee at home or anywhere on the go. The hydraulic system enhances the power of espresso extraction.

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Cafflano Compresso is a great and easy-to-use assistant for preparing a thick creamy espresso that you can prepare under the pressure of 9 bars . This pressure maintains the hydraulic system in accordance with the Pascal principle throughout the extraction period (the pressure generated by the external force acting on the liquid in the closed vessel is the same at all points of the liquid ).

Espressovar is very light (less than 200g), compact (height 17cm), easy to maintain (suffices rinse with water). Cafflano uses a metal filter to keep you from constantly buying paper filters, making it both a much more economical and more environmentally friendly solution.

All materials are food and non-BPA . Cafflano is made of polypropylene, PES, PETG, silicon and stainless steel.

Packaging contains all the necessary details, hot water and ground coffee are enough for you .

Pour 10-15 grams of finely ground coffee into the coffee basket and stump off the measuring cup. Put the glass into the folds of the baskets. Insert the transparent chamber with the inserted filter and the gasket at the bottom into the basket. Pour 30-60 ml of hot water into the chamber. Wait for 30 seconds and put the black piston so that the piston and basket handles are in the same position, push the handles toward you until you have a delicious drink.

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